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“My family and I used the spring/summer formula all season and enjoyed a very healthy summer!”

S.P. Atlanta, GA

“I was skeptical at first, but my wife insisted. I’m glad we are taking it, we barely got even a stuffy nose all summer.”

J.W. Boulder, CO

“The formula was easy to take and I definitely saw a benefit.”

N.P. Fort Wayne, IN

“The tonic is sweet and simple to add to my daily vitamins”

M.C. Detroit, MI

“I tried it first for myself, now I have my whole family and even my parents taking it. During cold and flu season last winter, we all stayed very healthy.”

J.T. Victor, NY

“I will definitely be continuing the tonic into the fall and winter season.”

P.J. Rochester, NY

“Now more than ever, it so important to have a healthy immune system to ward off viruses like COVID-19.  As a Registered Nurse working directly with this patient population, it has been very important for me to stay healthy to protect my family and to continue to provide care for my patients.  I started using Meng River Health All-Natural Immunity Boost Tonic a few years ago and it has been instrumental in maintaining my immune health.  I have more restful sleep, more energy during the day, and have not fallen ill with the common ailments we treat in the hospital. The tonic is easy to take, and it has a great flavor!  For those who don’t like to take pills, this is the perfect choice for immune support!  I just ordered the tonic for my granddaughter, and I ordered Chrysanthemum for myself for its many therapeutic benefits including glycemic and blood pressure control.  I can’t wait for my order to arrive!”

Marlene C, Penn Yann, NY

“I work hard and play harder!  I am a building contractor and competitive race car driver, so I use up a lot of energy during the day which is why I take Meng River Health All-Natural Immunity Boost Tonic.  I have been using this supplement for a couple of years and it is so quick and easy to take – just one teaspoon in the morning.  I used to feel run down before starting the tonic, but now I have so much energy and feel great!  I have been fortunate to stay healthy during the pandemic and I attribute this to Meng River Health All-Natural Immunity Boost Tonic!  My lifestyle is rough on my joints, and that is why I have also ordered Meng River Health dried mulberry to aid and promote my musculoskeletal health and its many benefits!”

Karl C, Penn Yann NY