Meng River Health is dedicated to helping you enhance your healthy lifestyle. With roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, our high quality herbs and immune boosting supplements provide the support you need to stay happy, healthy and productive.


An unprecedented global pandemic laid bare the deficiencies of Western medicine. A strong emphasis on pharmacologic goals, often treating symptoms, and often at the expense of preventative measures became the disillusioning norm. This led individuals to seek out holistic care and, for many, this pathway led to Eastern Medicine.


As individuals have embraced holistic care, institutions have followed, such that now well established entities are investigating the efficacy of traditional Eastern medicine therapies. A burgeoning field of Integrative Care seeks to study the best means to amalgamate proven Eastern medical therapies with Western medicine practices. As a means of establishing complete, natural care of our bodies and minds, patient guidelines and recommendations are being devised, in both remedies for ailments and preventative care. At both the federal level and at established private institutions, the movement is underway to embrace the power of Eastern Medicine.

Dr. Lu began this venture by simply applying her knowledge of botanical and herbal remedies for her own grandchildren. This has since bloomed into a full line of organic, herbal remedies. Whether it’s Ginseng or Jujubes, our lines of adaptogenic blends offer a convenient and effective way to augment your healthy lifestyle adding the power of traditional Eastern medicine to strengthen the mind and body.